The Entourage is a two-man tag team that is comprised of Salim Ismail and Mastumoto. They are the current CMV NXT Tag Team Champions in their first reign.


The Entourage was formed off-screen but they debuted on the first episode of CommunityUniverse. Sometime before their on-screen debut; they had won the NXT Tag Team Championships in a tournament. The Entourage would start a championship feud with Wolfpac and on the second episode of CommunityUniverse, Wolfpac would pre-emptively attack Salim and Matsumoto. But would still score the victory when Matsumoto would hit Jason Lee with an Apron Drop Kick followed by his Jumping Complete Shot.


Salim Ismail


In Wrestling


Snapmare into a rope rebound big boot (2015 - )

Spinebuster into a rope rebound big boot (2015 - )

Championships & Accomplishments


CMV NXT Tag Team Champions (1 time)


First ever NXT Tag Team Champions