Salim Ismail is a professional wrestler signed to CommunityUniverse under the NXT Brand. He is tag team partners with Matsumoto and are known as The Entourage. They are the CMV NXT Tag Team Champions in their first reign.


Sometime before the first episode, The Entourage would win a tournament to be crowned the first NXT Tag Team Champions.

Feud with Wolfpac

At the start of Season 1, The Entourage and Wolfpac would be locked in a feud. On the second episode of CommunityUniverse; Salim and Matsumoto would be attacked by Wolfpac before their match could begin but would still score the win after Matsumoto would hit two of his finishers.

In Wrestling


Walls of Ismail (2015 - )

Suicide Dive through middle ropes (2015 - )

Back Rotation Suplex (2015 - )

Championships & Accomplishments


CMV NXT Tag Team Championships (1 time w/ Matsumoto)


First ever CMV NXT Tag Team Champion (w/ Matsumoto)