James Guidry is a professional wrestler signed to CommunityUniverse under the NXT Brand. He is the current CMV Hardcore Champion in his first reign.


Sometime before the first episode of CommunityUniverse, Guidry would win the Hardcore Championship from an un-aired tournament.

Feud with Joey Drasco

Joey Drasco would be named #1 contender for the Hardcore Champion; Guidry after defeating him in an Extreme Rules match on the first episode of CommunityUniverse. Kevin Styles would pin Guidry on the second episode of CommunityUniverse with a Pop-Up Superkick. After the match Drasco would appear to lay claim to the CMV Hardcore Championship.

In Wrestling


Superman Punch (2015 - )

Jumping Cutter (2015 - )

Fireman Carry Cutter (2015 - )

Championship & Accomplishments


CMV Hardcore Championship (1 time)


First ever CMV Hardcore Champion