CMV NXT Episode 1 was the first episode of CommunityUniverse (then CommunityUniverse Mode) hosted by Dashing DJ Urie. The show was approximately 1 hour in length and featured six different matches. The show was uploaded to YouTube on December 31st, 2014.


The commentator was Mr. Dashing. This was his first attempt commentating and while starting slow, he would soon get into it and begin calling the matches with a little more detail.

The Card

Match Order Superstar Match Type Winner
Opener Hayden v. Alex Jade Normal (1 v 1) Hayden
Match 2 Maverick v. Xander Slate Normal (1 v 1) Xander Slate
Match 3 Kevin Styles v. Aaron Griffin Normal (1 v 1) Aaron Griffin
Match 4 Salim Ismail (w/ Matsumoto) v. Matt Barnett

(w/ Jason Lee)

Normal (1 v 1) Salim Ismail
Match 5 James Guidry v. Joey Drasco Extreme Rules

(1 v 1)

Joey Drasco
Main Event Scott Norrie (c) v. Alex Haze Wolf Normal (1 v 1) Wolf


  • Hayden was the first superstar to win a match on the very first episode of CommunityUniverse.
  • In Match 2, Jason Lee would be ejected from ringside.
  • Salim would be the first superstar to win by Submission in CommunityUniverse history.
  • After the match Salim would attempt to beat down Barnett with Matsumoto but Jason Lee would return to the ring and drive off the two.
  • Wolf, the #1 contender for NXT Championship would knock out Alex Haze and forcibly insert himself in the Main Event match with Scott Norrie.
  • After Wolf won, he would proceed to beatdown Norrie as the show came to a close.